Is your site accessible to all users? A website audit will determine the accessibility of your site. Our team will evaluate your site and identify any issues. The final report includes recommendations to address short falls, complete with implementation tips.

Our process is based on the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology detailed by the W3C.

Our accessibility auditing process consists of four stages:

  1. Use of automated evaluation tools
  2. Manual check of all issues
  3. Testing using assistive technologies, such as a screen reader and screen magnifier, including JAWS
  4. Delivery of a written report of the results of the audit, along with actionable recommendations separated into the WCAG 2.0 conformance levels of Level A and AA.  Level AAA is also available upon request.

While it would be ideal to evaluate every page on your web site for accessibility compliance, the reality is that for many organizations time and budget limitations make this difficult to accomplish. To address this concern, we leverage W3C recommendations in the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM) 1.0, and identify representative samplings of content on your site to complete an audit with a reasonable level of accuracy. Elements we consider may include:

  • Common pages of the website such as homepage, contact us, search functionality and login page (if present).
  • All pages within unique workflows, such as completing and submitting an online form or a transaction, including error notifications and pages.
  • Instances of pages that are representative of key processes or functionality, such as pages that are created using different templates, pages with dynamic content, pages with varying functionality such as media players, complex images or infographics, and pages with varying content such as images, tables, forms.
  • Other relevant webpages such as error messages, including common server error pages such as page not found messages (404 errors)
  • Key PDF and Word documents (we also offer Document Accessibility Assessments)

We can also offer user-centric accessibility assessments through our network of individuals with disabilities. This method offers insights and recommendations beyond what may be identified via WCAG 2.0 testing.