Our accessible PDF conversion services can start with any digital source file. Typical formats include MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, or OpenOffice source files. We also can start with an existing PDF file. If you have existing PDF files we encourage you to read about our PDF Remediation Services.

Since you already know you need help being standards compliant, you likely know that saving your files to PDF format doesn't neccessarily make for a standards-compliant accessible PDF document. Even with appropriate mark up in your source files, very few tools that create PDFs render them with appropriate PDF tagging. Even with MS Office files, which do allow for the basic production of accessible PDFs, if the source tagging in the Office file isn't done correctly, your target PDF files will not pass many accessibility validations. And if you do not export your Office files correctly, then some tagging will still need be done via Adobe Acrobat.

PDF Forms are a special case as well. Because of this, we offer a specific service for the rendering of accessible PDF forms. We invite you to read about our Accessible Forms service.

We have extensive experience creating standards-compliant accessible PDF documents, and can handle jobs from several pages to thousands of pages.

We've made our conversion services easy for you to start today:

  1. Send us your document(s)
  2. Specify a delivery date
  3. We take care of the rest

We work with you to ensure the work is completed on time meeting your deadline.

Our internal process ensures accurate, accessible, and useable documents. Every converted PDF document goes through a rigorous, standardized process to ensure quality. Our accessibility experts complete the necessary encoding and markup after the document(s) are reviewed by one of our Senior Project Managers. Once the conversion team has completed their work, the documents go through quality assurance and validation. Our process has been honed over many years and projects, resulting in quality documents delivered in a timely fashion.

Once completed, we can post your PDF file packages to our SSL protected client portal for you to download securely. Or if you prefer, we can return your documents via email.

We have the capacity to handle large volumes of documents and provide competitive rates. Looking to convert legacy documents to accessible PDF ? We can develop a conversion plan meeting your needs.